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The liberalisation process of the Romanian energy market undertaken in the last years, for power and natural gas brought about substantial opportunities and challenges. Through a deep understanding of both the natural gas and energy markets and the commodities that directly or indirectly influence these markets, Paicu & Sons Consulting imposed itself as a pioneer in innovative products for the management and commercialization of energy resources,

The change of the energy and gas markets in Romania accelerated following their liberalization. The first steps were taken by the power market. Prompted by these changes, European traders have extended their commercial activities into one of the biggest Eastern European Market, the Romanian one. Within this context, we started to assist our clients in cross-border power trading and commercial interconnection agreements.

In this respects, Paicu&Sons Consulting assisted clients to perform one of the first commercial cross-border interconnection agreements, in [year] gaining e specific expertise in this domain. Over the last six years, we have extended our area of expertise from the power market to the natural gas markets that also started the liberalization process.
We have assisted our clients since the very beginning of their activity in power and natural gas trading in Romania, reaching now a portfolio of over 15 trading partners on power and over 20 trading partners on natural gas, including the major suppliers and producers on the Romanian market. Moreover, we are often a liaison between clients and a range of stakeholders, including regulatory, TSOs and settlement bodies,

Romania is expected to make the transition from an economy focused on internal demand and domestic capacities of energy production to one integrated within the European community. In the years to come, both the need for investments in new electricity production capacities as well as the development and use of the natural gas reserves from the Black Sea, will undoubtedly transform the Romanian energy sector. At Paicu&Sons Consulting, through specific expertise gained over the years and always through client-tailored services, we aim at promoting a sustainable good change.


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