In over 10 year of experience on the Romanian market, we assisted our clients in trading more than 30mn carbon credits. In this respect, Paicu&Sons Consulting combines trading experience, legislative EU-ETS know-how, and global power market understanding in order to provide efficient solutions, tailored made, for both the carbon market exposure and renewable projects hedging strategies.

We have worked with one of the leading companies supporting the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and we promoted in Romania both emission reduction units (ERU) and carbon emission reduction (CER) units generated from projects that have a positive impact in the emission reduction effort.

As part of the EUA-ETS, especially in the first 3 phases of the mechanism, polluters were allowed to offset part of their emissions with either ERUs or CERs generated by projects across the globe with a proven track of emission reductions. Using this mechanism, our local clients offset more than 42 million credits supporting the global effort of emission reduction.
As we are approaching the 4th phase of the EUA-ETS, (2021 – 2030), and with the implementation at European level of mechanisms meant to reduce the surplus of emission allowances in the carbon market (MSR), carbon emissions will become a variable directly influencing the price of electricity in Europe. Indirectly, carbon emissions will influence the demand but also the need for natural gas or coal products consumption. Therefore, the transition to phase 4 of the EUA-ET represents a challenge that our team understands, and we are ready to assist our clients in managing and overcoming it.

Within this context, a service our company could offer is the assistance for and implementation of hedging strategies needed by the developers of renewable energy projects. We are aware that, with the development of technologies and market conditions, fossil fuel consumption should be discouraged, and renewable projects could be more easily started without financial support from the state. Based on our experience and deep understanding of the market we could offer complex solutions for the construction and negotiation of long-term agreements for the energy generated by renewable projects (PPA).


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