Trading oil products is the foundation of our company development. For over two decades we have assisted global leaders of the trading community to securely trade and move a wide range of products such as crude oil, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline and bitumen. Our expertise covers both commercial trading and logistic know-how of the Romanian oil market. Our key clients are international trading companies and local refineries and distributors.

Romania is an active player in the regional market of petroleum products. At the beginning of the millennium, there were five refineries that processed both locally extracted and imported crude oil. However, in the last 15 years the economic conditions have changed, and two of these refineries (Arpechim and Rafo) were closed. As a consequence, Romania has transitioned from an oil importer and exporter of refined products (gasoline and diesel in particular), into a net importer of oil products, especially diesel.

Beyond all these transformations and contextual changes, the trading of oil products remains a core activity for the functioning of any economy. Benefiting from Paicu & Sons Consulting expertise, care and coordination, our clients have imported, over the last two decades, more than 18 million tones of oil or oil derivatives. We have facilitated the transit (import and export together) of over 600 ships through the port of Constanta, at the Oil Terminal and recently through the bitumen terminal at Agigea or Midia LPG terminal.

Romania has a strategic role in the region in terms of the flow of energy products. Through our experience and knowledge of the local market, we have always assisted our clients to successfully manage and adapt to the ongoing market changes in the region and to ensure exactly the energy flows needed during each period of their activities.


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